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A photograph of the Memorial to the Members of College who died in the 1st World War

[n.d.] . Designed by Caröe and unveiled May 1922.Rev. Edwin George

A photograph of a Man in military uniform, seated

[n.d.] F. C. Coulter, in the uniform of the 5th South Wales

A photograph of the Reverend Basil Jones and Mrs Jones

1918 Jones served as Chaplain to the Forces. Pictured here with

Cyflafareddiad - diogelwch - diarfogiad

y tri cham tuag at heddwch

[ca 1916?]

Interview of John, Jack

1973-02-01 1 audio file (9 min. 35 sec.) , ond wedi dod nol weles i fwy o hwnna, a

Interview of Jones, Josiah (Joe Brickman)

1972-10-23 1 audio file (7 min. 50 sec.) Medical Board ne beth i chi'n i alw fe, a 2b o