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Edward Morgan Humphreys Papers, [1762]x1955

[1762]x1955 / letters to the editor of Y Genedl etc., by T. Gwynn

Letters to E. Morgan Humphreys (EMH),

1900-1953. The letters are arranged by correspondents, and are described ind

Jones, G. Lloyd, 1940, Sept. 16

1940, Sept. 16. Anglesey" as mentioned in the Post. He was the first ba

Roberts, J. Bryn, 1904, Oct.-1925, Nov. (19)

1904, Oct.-1925, Nov. (19). /3004]. The writer also arranges to meet EMH to discuss

Jones, G. O, 1918, Feb. 13

1918, Feb. 13. a conscientious objector at Dartmoor, and the lack of medical