Dangos 11 — 20 o 171 canlyniad

Come into the ranks and fight for your king and country

Don't stay in the crowd and stare


[ Corporal in the Welsh Regiment and a private in the Royal Field Artillery]

[c1914-c1918] A corporal in the Welsh Regiment with crossed swords above his stripes indicating that he is a Physical Training Instructor photographed with a privat

[ Corporal, Royal Engineer]

[c1916] Copy of a head and shoulders photograph of a member of the Royal Engineers. His corporals stripes are just visible, bottom right.

[ Corporal, Royal Warwickshire Regiment]

[c.1916] Studio portrait of a corporal in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. The sitter is wearing a greatcoat, holding a baton in one hand and sitting on a rust

[ Corporal, Welsh Regiment]

[c.1916] Copy photograph showing the head and shoulders of a corporal in the Welsh Regiment. This is a selective enlargement from a group photograph.

[ Farrier, Royal Engineers with Wound Stripe & Overseas Service Chevrons]

[c1918] Half-length portrait of a farrier in the Royal Engineers showing a wound stripe on his left sleeve and overseas service chevrons on his right sleeve.

[ Farrier, Royal Engineers]

[c1918] Head and shoulders portrait of a soldier in the Royal Engineers (note the shoulder strap) who has insignia marking him out as a farrier and a member o

[ Headstone for Capt Alan Ralph Peel]

[c.1916] Studio photograph of the headstone for Capt Alan Ralph Peel, 24th Regt, son of Herbert & Mary Peel of Taliaris killed in action at Kosseoa Nov 17th 19