Dangos 41 — 50 o 511 canlyniad

Casgliad Sue Cook Collection

ca.1916 Album containing 51 postcards, all except one Bamforth Song Cards. Most are of WW1 vintage and include The Rosary, The Beautiful Garden of Roses, In S

[ Cavalryman, Royal Field Artillery]

[c.1916] A full-length studio portrait of a cavalryman in the Royal Field Artillery.

[ Cavalryman, Welsh Regiment]

[c1915] A full-length studio portrait of a cavalryman (distinguished by his riding crop, spurs and bandoliers) in the Welsh Regiment.

[ Cavalryman, possibly Pembroke Yeomanry]

[c.1916] Full-length studio portrait of a cavalryman (note spurs & bandolier) possibly in the Pembroke Yeomanry. Note that the scroll below the feathers on his

[ Cavalryman]

[c.1916] A copy of a studio portrait of a cavalryman wearing a bandolier and spurs. His cap badge is possibly that of the Coldstream Guards.

Cold blooded murder

Enlist to-day


Come along boys ! Enlist to-day

1915 Marching British soldier smoking pipe. Captioned: "'The moment the order came to go forward, there were smiling faces everywhere.' (Extract from lette

Come into the ranks and fight for your king and country

Don't stay in the crowd and stare


[ Copy photos of two soldiers]

[c.1916] Two full length portraits of soldiers copied from the originals. One has a marksman skill-at-arms badge and a cap under his arm with what appears to b