Dangos 31 — 40 o 123 canlyniad

[ Private, Dorsetshire Regiment]

[c1916-c1918] Studio portrait of a private in the Dorsetshire Regiment. He is displaying his left sleeve to the camera showing two wound stripes and two good conduc

Rhaid wrth bob dyn gwerth ei gael

Ymrestrwch hyd ddiwedd y rhyfel


[ Royal Engineer, Wife & Daughter]

[c1914-c1918] Studio portrait of a moustachioed soldier in the Royal Engineers standing next to his wife and daughter.

[ Soldier & Daughter]

[c1914-c1918] A soldier with no visible insignia and a young girl, presumably his daughter, seated on a plinth.

[ Soldier & Daughter]

[c1916-c1918] Studio portrait of a soldier with, presumably, his daughter aged about five years old. On his left sleeve is a wound stripe and a 2 year good conduct

[ Three Career Soldiers in Dress Uniform]

[c.1916] Full-length studio portrait of two lance corporals and a sergeant. The sergeant, the senior of the three is seated in the centre. He has a marksman sk

[ Three men and a dog]

[c1914-c1918] Studio portrait of three men, two in civvies, the third a member of the Royal Artillery. Apart from his regulation uniform he is wearing a lanyard, a

[ Two soldiers, one in the 38th Division]

[c1914-c1918] Studio portrait of two soldiers, one standing, one seated. The one seated (a member of the Welsh Regiment) is wearing a shoulder patch of the 38th Div

[ Welsh Regiment private with his wife and daughter]

[c1914-c1918] A studio portrait of a moustachioed private in the Welsh Regiment photographed with his wife and daughter.