Dangos 1 — 10 o 37 canlyniad

Come into the ranks and fight for your king and country

Don't stay in the crowd and stare


Lord Kitchener says

Enlist to-day


Lord Kitchener says

Enlist to-day


[ Private, King's (Liverpool Regiment)]

[c1915] Full length studio portrait of a young soldier in peaked cap and greatcoat. Cap badge appears to be that of the Kings (Liverpool Regiment).

[ Private, possibly in The Royal East Kent Regiment]

[c1914-c1918] Studio portrait of a moustachioed soldier. His cap badge may be that of the Royal East Kent Regiment.

[ Soldier, The King's (Liverpool Regiment) TF]

[c1916] Half-length studio portrait of a soldier from The King's (Liverpool Regiment) TF. An overseas chevron and good-conduct stripe can be seen on his sleev

Why aren't you in khaki ?

You'll be wanted. Enlist at once


Your king & country need you

Enlist now

1914 All text is set against a Union Flag background.