Dangos 71 — 80 o 511 canlyniad

[ Farrier, Royal Engineers]

[c1918] Head and shoulders portrait of a soldier in the Royal Engineers (note the shoulder strap) who has insignia marking him out as a farrier and a member o

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[ Fusilier with wound stripe]

[c.1916] A studio portrait of a seated soldier from an unidentified fusilier regiment displaying a wound stripe.

German cruelty to British prisoners

Justice cannot be done without your help. Take up the sword of justice. Enlist to-day


Germany's battle cry is "Germany over all "

and her Navy drinks to "the day" when she hopes to smash Britain's fleet ... We must crush this idea of "Germany over all"


[ Glynderwen Soldiers]

[c.1916] Half-length portrait of two soldiers, possibly brothers. The soldier on the left has a signaller qualification badge, the soldier on the right has an

[ Glynderwen soldier with wound stripe]

[c1916] Half-length studio portrait of a soldier displaying a wound stripe on his lower left sleeve. No indication of regiment.