Dangos 21 — 30 o 34 canlyniad

Cyfweliad o Lewis, Jack Alfred

Awst 04, 1972 Morgan, Alan --- And then you come back to Merthyr and the next really traumatic experience in your life is the outbreak of the First Wo

Cyfweliad o Morris, Fred (Mr & Mrs)

Mai 18, 1973 Francis, Hywel --- You said there wasn’t much opportunity to get work other than in the pit? Did you think of going anywhere else as

Cyfweliad o Nicholas, Thomas

Mai 16, 1974 Nicholas, Thomas --- So instead of going back to the colliery where we left, see, we only come back there to fetch our things, and we go

Cyfweliad o Powell, Oliver

Tachwedd 29, 1973 Francis, Hywel --- What were you doing up there then? Powell, Oliver --- In the Crystal Palace? I had joined t

Cyfweliad o Protheroe, George

Hydref 01, 1972 Morgan, Alun --- Had you heard Keir Hardie speak before? Protheroe, George --- No, no, that was the first time

Cyfweliad o Stanfield, Claude

Tachwedd 01, 1972 Stanfield, Claude --- But those were the general conditions that prevailed then in the period before the first World War. When the old s

Cyfweliad o Thomas, Bryn, Llandybie

Tachwedd 23, 1972 Jones, Merfyn --- How about sport, did they play sport in Llandeilo with the same …… ? Thomas, Bryn --- Y

Cyfweliad o Thomas, Haydn

Ebrill 01, 1974 Morgan, Alun --- And you'd just be, would only be fifteen, sixteen years old? Thomas, Haydn --- Yes.

Cyfweliad o Thomas, John (Dr)

Mai 09, 1974 Egan, David --- When there was the outbreak of the First World War, the I.L.P. was split in its attitude !-- natio

Cyfweliad o Thomas, Mel

Mai 17, 1973 Egan, David --- And is there anything that sticks in your mind about, you say you started in 1918, about the war period? I mean,