Dangos 1 — 10 o 34 canlyniad

Cyfweliad o Jones, Josiah (Joe Brickman)

Hydref 23, 1972 Hywel, Francis --- Lle aethoch chi ar ôl mynd i Glyncorrwg, aethoch chi nol draw i’r Rhondda wedyn? Jones,

Cyfweliad o Arthur, Will

Mai 21, 1973 Arthur, Will --- And of course I'm standing on the corner, on what they call point duty, on top of City Road, and down the road a little

Cyfweliad o Arthur, Will

Mai 24, 1973 Wrthur, Will --- You know running up your shop bill and all that you see. Then of course war broke out and I think one of the biggest tr

Cyfweliad o Coldrick, Will

Medi 24, 1973 Egan, David --- What attitude did you and the people around you in similar positions, take towards the outbreak of the First World War?

Cyfweliad o Davies, D. J.

Tachwedd 03, 1972 Egan, David --- When did you first join the I.L.P and what induced you to do that? Davies, D. J. --- Well I jo

Cyfweliad o Davies, Tom

Rhagfyr 01, 1973 Davies, Tom --- …Like the ordinary children but I did possess a lovely voice. Jones, Merfyn --- How did you

Cyfweliad o Edwards, B.

Gorffennaf 23, 1973 Francis, Hywel --- When did you enlist then? Edwards, B. --- I enlisted in August 1914

Cyfweliad o Evans, Dai Dan

Ionawr 01, 1970 Francis, Hywel --- Do you think that the First World War had the greatest effect on you? Of any world event? E

Cyfweliad o Gregory, W. H.

Tachwedd 23, 1972 Francis, Hywel --- Were you still working in the barber's shop then? Lewis, Richard --- Still working in the b

Cyfweliad o Harris, David

Ionawr 01, 1973 Jones, Merfyn --- Roeddech chi'n son gynnau am y Clwb Rygbi, aethoch chi am eich gwyliau i rywle arall adeg hynny?