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Photograph album of Cleeves' Western Valleys Anthracite Collieries Limited

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Tin and Sheet Millmen's Association.

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    …of the Insurance Act (Part 2) to all Trade Unions, and were prepared to pay 50% of the Idle Benefit…

  • 157r

    …11 BENEFITS PAID FOR NOVEMBER, 1914, IDLE BENEFIT. Kidwelly Dmlais Cambria Gadlys DISTRESS GRANTS.…

  • 147v

    …4 have been proceeded with, though they were needed, and even a delay may have been more expensive.…

  • 153v

    …weak and to defend true culture and advancement. Whether this can be said to be the war that will…

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    …order to protect not only their own homes and dear ones but also the homes of those and their loved…

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Harry Williams (Glynneath).

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Amy Dillwyn papers.

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Thomas Richards papers.

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    …RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. S|k:RELIEF FUND. No. llccciuch from the sum of being a…

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    …j ^rv^OW^-A^^U^Uy^V ^U^c^ O r\ U% V^\A Vrw Kjv^ <^vv \M W. O^/^Vvv C\A^>…

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    …1&? If" N? 157 South Wales Miners' Federation. 22, St. ANDREWS CRESCENT, CARDIFF,^ %&■ o ^ *…

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    …? South Wales Miners' Federation I IReceiveb of Mr. M" %&&**-?£, /Jf/-_______ I the sum…

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Old Castle Tinplate Company.

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Lady Windsor Lodge.

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    …—_-----------------------------------.-------------------------------. ^K_^A^-4^ O^J^\QsQs&…

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    …6. Reasons in support of the application. (These should be fully stated ; if they are continued on…

  • 35r

    …&*A. W^. IS Cj^KIq^XqY iVo^v, -AsiQjfr-f^^^ W ^^4^lsa^) T^jL^u^i^ CL^c^r^^ox3 3J tf»~-q£&zUJ^ys^…

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    …>&V*ty^ ^) (x(\e*k& %Vi^w a^ &su CtStW\j^'r^ j^^o^JZ^ 1v^_ -U\JW CL..X-J<~A-Q

  • 34r

    …cbHc/w^ 3 3* Gl \ ie^vUj) \ksui/o) ^k^L^UL^^ CL^ A^^M^o^) ~^\A^<9 I'…

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