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School Medical Service.

1915-04-17 School Medical ServiceThe Director reported that a grant <

Employment of School Children.

1915-04-17  employment of school-childrenThe Board expressed the hope

Better than Germarp Kultur.

1915-04-17  better than a stagnant poolMr Bruce Jones It

Cheap Cooking and Dear Food. .,

1915-04-17 Cheap Cooking and Dear FoodThe Director said he was


1915-04-17 ResignationMr TJTaylor61 Abercynon RoadAbercynon

I Outbreak of Measles.

1915-04-17 Mr BJonesIt is bound to do a certain am

Higher Standard or Higher Elementary? .

1915-04-17  contended that it would be a great benefit to the

Increase of Salary.I

1915-04-17 Increase of SalaryMr DHThomasjunior clerkap

t Summer Schools.

1915-04-17  the Welsh Language Summer SchoolLast year no one ava

I.— Siloa, Aberdare.

1915-04-17  a few friends to a sumptuous repast in Siloa Hall