• Aberystwyth University: Institutional Archive, 1824-[ongoing]
      • Registry,
        • Letters concerning Professor Hermann EthĂ©,
          • Letters, 1914 (UWA/REG/Cr/1 1914.)
          • Letters, 1915, Jan.-June (UWA/REG/Cr/1 1915 (File 1).)
          • Letters, 1915, June.-Sept (UWA/REG/Cr/1 1915 (File 2).)
          • Letters, 1916 (UWA/REG/Cr/1 1916.)
          • Letters, 1917-1918 (UWA/REG/Cr/1 1917-1918.)
      • Photographic Series,
        • Military,
          • Ambrose Pope in full uniform. An interpreter at a prisoner of war camp in Farnborough, July 14th 1917 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-25.)
          • John Callie, in full uniform, [1915] (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-26.)
          • Lincoln W. Evans, March 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-38.)
          • Y.M.C.A Wrexham staff, [1914] (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-65.)
          • Y.M.C.A with the 3rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Litherland, 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-67.)
          • 3rd R.W.F Camp, Litherland, 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-68.)
          • Regimental Goat, 3rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-69.)
          • 1st recruits, draft 3rd R.W.F. Y.M.C.A Wrexham, 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-70.)
          • Draft 3rd Battalion R.W.F, Y.M.C.A., 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-71.)
          • 16th Seion Military social, 1914-1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-72.)
          • Y.M.C.A army, 1914-1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-73.)
          • Seion Military Social, 1914-1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-79.)
          • Royal Welsh Fusiliers Y.M.C.A, 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-80.)
          • Draft 3rd Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-83.)
          • Litherland Camp, 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-84.)
          • Litherland Camp Mess Hall, 1915 (GB GB0982 UWA-PHO-H-85.)
      • Records of the UCW Aberystwyth Officers’ Training Corps/Senior Training Corps.
        • Minutes of the Military Education Committee, O.T.C., 1908-1935 (R/Mil/At/1.)
        • Record book, [1901-1925] (UWA/MIL/1.)

    Teitl: Aberystwyth University: Institutional Archive, 1824-[ongoing]

    Disgrifiad: The archive contains papers created by various officers of, and departments within, the university, along with associations directly related to the university. These include the Court; Council; Senate; Principal; Registry; Academic faculties; the Library; Old Students' Association; Non Professional Staff Association; and various student associations. The archive also includes the university photographic collection.

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