Dyddiad: 1940

Teitl Casgliad: Letters, 1940-1971

Awdur: Jones, David; 1895-1974; Burns, T. F. (Thomas Ferrier); 1906-1995

Sefydliad: Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru

Hawliau: Copyrighted

Crynodeb: Twenty-three letters, 1940-1971, from David Jones, artist and writer, to his friend T. F. (Tom) Burns, nineteen of which date from the period 1940-1944 and form a valuable source for the life and work of the writer during the war years. The principal subjects discussed in the others are the history of Wales, the early history of the compass, Malory's Morte Arthur and the writer's experiences in the First World War. Twelve of these letters were printed, wholly or in part, by Rene Hague in 'Dai Greatcoat: A self-portrait of David Jones in his letters' (London, 1980).

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