Dyddiad: 1917

Teitl Casgliad: War of 1914-1918, 1917-1918

Awdur: Pryce, H. E. ap Rhys (Henry Edward ap Rhys); 1874-1950; Parry, J. W. P.; of Aberystwyth

Sefydliad: Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru

Hawliau: Unknown

Crynodeb: Souvenirs of the war of 1914-18, including Christmas and other cards from troops on active service, programmes of concerts given to the troops, particularly to Welsh units, a copy of a farewell address given on November 19, 1918, by Brigadier-General H. E. ap Rhys Pryce on relinquishing the command of the 113th Infantry Brigade, and cognate material collected by J. W. P. Parry, Aberystwyth.

Gwylio manylion cyfan

Cyntaf Cynt 38 o 46 Nesaf Olaf
Nodyn Tudalen: f. 18 v.