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E. O. Davies Manuscripts, [1890x1936]

[1890x1936] / Manuscripts and papers, [1890x1936], of Edward Owen Davies, comprising articles, essays, addresses

E. T. John Papers, 1881-1931

1881-1931 / Personal and political papers of E. T. John, 1881-1931, including correspondence, 1886-1931

East Denbighshire Recruiting Committee minutes, 1915

1915 The minute book, 1915, of the East Denbighshire Parliamentary Recruiting Committee.

Edward Morgan Humphreys Papers, [1762]x1955

[1762]x1955 / Papers relating to the life and career of Edward Morgan Humphreys, including letters to E. Morgan

Edward Thomas: The Heart of England, 1906

1906 The original manuscript of Edward Thomas: The Heart of England, 1906, with a letter from the author

Edward and Helen Thomas MSS, 1895-1978

1895-1978 / Ashcroft Noble and from Noble to Edward Thomas; letters, 1900-1902, from Edward Thomas to Sir O. M. Edwards

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru - cyfansoddiadau a beirniadaethau, 1887-2000 (gyda bylchau)

1887-2000 (gyda bylchau) / cyfansoddiadau 2000- heb eu catalogio. = A variety of literary and musical compositions entered at