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Come along boys ! Enlist to-day

1915 Marching British soldier smoking pipe. Captioned: "'The moment the order came to go forward, there were smiling faces everywhere.' (Extract from lette

Come into the ranks and fight for your king and country

Don't stay in the crowd and stare


[ Corporal in the Welsh Regiment and a private in the Royal Field Artillery]

[c1914-c1918] A corporal in the Welsh Regiment with crossed swords above his stripes indicating that he is a Physical Training Instructor photographed with a privat

[ Decorated soldier and son]

[c1920] A private in the Royal Artillery displaying two wound stripes, two good conduct chevrons, five overseas chevrons and medal ribbons. The lower oversea

England expects are you doing your duty to-day ?

1914 Portrait of Admiral Horatio Nelson; Nelson's order during Battle of Trafalgar in 1805; 1915 First World War.

Germany's battle cry is "Germany over all "

and her Navy drinks to "the day" when she hopes to smash Britain's fleet ... We must crush this idea of "Germany over all"