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[ Canadian Soldier]

[c1914-c1918] Copy photo of a studio portrait of a Canadian soldier, the original by 'Bates & Co, Bramsh--'

[ Canadian Soldier]

[c.1916] Studio portrait of a corporal with a Canadian general List cap badge and two similar collar badges.

Casgliad Sue Cook Collection

ca.1916 Album containing 51 postcards, all except one Bamforth Song Cards. Most are of WW1 vintage and include The Rosary, The Beautiful Garden of Roses, In S

[ Copy photos of two soldiers]

[c.1916] Two full length portraits of soldiers copied from the originals. One has a marksman skill-at-arms badge and a cap under his arm with what appears to b

[ Decorated soldier and son]

[c1920] A private in the Royal Artillery displaying two wound stripes, two good conduct chevrons, five overseas chevrons and medal ribbons. The lower oversea

[ Farrier Staff Sergeant]

[c1914-c1918] Studio portrait of a Farrier Staff Sergeant. Note the three stripes on his sleeve supplanted by a crown. The horseshoe between the two indicates he is

[ Farrier, Royal Engineers with Wound Stripe & Overseas Service Chevrons]

[c1918] Half-length portrait of a farrier in the Royal Engineers showing a wound stripe on his left sleeve and overseas service chevrons on his right sleeve.