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Pay your 5/- for this and help crush the Germans

1915 An outstretched hand holds a scrip voucher.

[ Private from Transvaal Scottish Regiment]

[c1914-c1918] Studio potrait of a young private from Transvaal Scottish Regiment - note collar badge with the motto 'Alba Nam Buadh'

[ Private in the Welsh Regiment]

[c1914-c1918] Seated studio portrait of a private in the Welsh Regiment. Note the shoulder title and cap badge.

[ Private, The Welsh Regiment]

[c1914-c1918] A private in the Welsh Regiment photographed in D C Harries studio standing next to a rustic fence.

[ Private, The Welsh Regiment]

[c1914-c1918] Half-length portrait of a soldier in the Welsh Regiment, holding a cane under his left shoulder.

[ Private, possibly in The Royal East Kent Regiment]

[c1914-c1918] Studio portrait of a moustachioed soldier. His cap badge may be that of the Royal East Kent Regiment.