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The British sovereign will win

Invest in the war loan to-day.Ask for details at nearest post office

1915 A British sovereign is featured above the text.

Buy war loan

and you will help your country and our brave troops in the fighting line

1915 Poster showing a table of investments and yields.

[ Captain in the Welsh Regiment]

[c1918] Studio portrait of a captain in the Welsh Regiment.

[ Cavalryman, Welsh Regiment]

[c1915] A full-length studio portrait of a cavalryman (distinguished by his riding crop, spurs and bandoliers) in the Welsh Regiment.

[ Corporal in the Welsh Regiment and a private in the Royal Field Artillery]

[c1914-c1918] A corporal in the Welsh Regiment with crossed swords above his stripes indicating that he is a Physical Training Instructor photographed with a privat

[ Corporal, Royal Warwickshire Regiment]

[c.1916] Studio portrait of a corporal in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. The sitter is wearing a greatcoat, holding a baton in one hand and sitting on a rust

[ Corporal, Welsh Regiment]

[c.1916] Copy photograph showing the head and shoulders of a corporal in the Welsh Regiment. This is a selective enlargement from a group photograph.

[ Farrier, Royal Engineers with Wound Stripe & Overseas Service Chevrons]

[c1918] Half-length portrait of a farrier in the Royal Engineers showing a wound stripe on his left sleeve and overseas service chevrons on his right sleeve.