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[ Three Career Soldiers in Dress Uniform]

[c.1916] Full-length studio portrait of two lance corporals and a sergeant. The sergeant, the senior of the three is seated in the centre. He has a marksman sk

[ Unknown Soldier No2]

[c1914-c1918] Studio portrait of a soldier in WW1 uniform, but with no distinguishable insignia.

[ Unknown Soldier]

[c1914-c1918] Studio portrait of a young man in First World War uniform. No regimental badges or other distinguishing marks discernable.

[ Unknown Soldier]

[c1914] Studio portrait of a soldier, seated. No insignia are visible.

A group photograph of St David's College Christian Union

1909-1910 St David’s College, Lampeter, Christian Union, 1909-10. Back row, left to right: J.J. Davies; E.T. Davies; G.E. Fussell; H.C. Sheldon; A.D. Price; G