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Interview of Lewis, Jack Alfred

27th May 1972 Morgan, Alan --- And then you come back to Merthyr and the next really traumatic experience in your life is the outbreak of the First Wo

Interview of Morris, Fred (Mr & Mrs)

18th May 1973 Francis, Hywel --- You said there wasn’t much opportunity to get work other than in the pit? Did you think of going anywhere else as

Interview of Nicholas, Thomas

16th May 1974 Nicholas, Thomas --- So instead of going back to the colliery where we left, see, we only come back there to fetch our things, and we go

Interview of Powell, Oliver

29th November 1973 Francis, Hywel --- What were you doing up there then? Powell, Oliver --- In the Crystal Palace? I had joined t

Interview of Protheroe, George

1st October 1972 Morgan, Alun --- Had you heard Keir Hardie speak before? Protheroe, George --- No, no, that was the first time

Interview of Stanfield, Claude

1st November 1972 Stanfield, Claude --- But those were the general conditions that prevailed then in the period before the first World War. When the old s

Interview of Thomas, Bryn, Llandybie

23rd November 1972 Jones, Merfyn --- How about sport, did they play sport in Llandeilo with the same …… ? Thomas, Bryn --- Y

Interview of Thomas, Haydn

1st April 1974 Morgan, Alun --- And you'd just be, would only be fifteen, sixteen years old? Thomas, Haydn --- Yes.

Interview of Thomas, John (Dr)

9th May 1974 Egan, David --- When there was the outbreak of the First World War, the I.L.P. was split in its attitude !-- natio

Interview of Thomas, Mel

17th May 1973 Egan, David --- And is there anything that sticks in your mind about, you say you started in 1918, about the war period? I mean,