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Interview of Huntley, Bert

15th February 1973 Egan, David --- Were you working long hours, working extra hours in the war? Huntley, Bert --- Oh, every hour

Interview of Jeffreys, Len

20th September 1972 Egan, David --- What do you remember now in the period before the First World War say about the union, about the South Wales Miners’ F

Interview of John, Jack

1st February 1973 Jones, Merfyn --- Nawr te, cyn dod i hyn nawr, aethoch chi i’r Rhyfel Byd Cynta, nineteen fourteen? John, Ja

Interview of Jones, Edward P

7th February 1973 Jones, Merfyn --- Ond oeddach chi’n cymryd diddordeb mewn gwleidyddiaeth? Jones, Edward P. --- O o hyd, o hy

Interview of Jones, Goronwy

1st October 1972 Egan, David --- What about, moving on now to the outbreak of the First World War. What can you remember about reaction to the outbreak o

Interview of Jones, William Rosser

4th July 1973 Francis, Hywel --- Were you ever tempted to volunteer in the First World War? Jones, William Rosser --- Volunt

Interview of Knipe, William

2nd February 1973 Egan, David --- Did you continue to play football for the police !-- unclear --! ? Knipe, William --- No, no,

Interview of Lake, Will

2nd April 1974 Jones, Merfyn --- What I wanted to ask about was the first World War. When the war broke out, how did it affect you?

Interview of Lewis, Bryn (Mr and Mrs)

28th January 1973 Egan, David --- The First World War didn’t have any effect on drinking did it? Lewis, Bryn --- Yes it did. O

Interview of Lewis, Henry

4th December 1972 Egan, David --- What about the, you know, the war now, I mean, was there much debate within Carmel and within the other Chapels in Aberc