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Interview of Vale, James

10th May 1974 Vale, James --- Three of us came back and then there was the talk that boys had to go. So I said !-- unclear --! Dai,

Interview of Williams, J. L.

24th April 1973 Egan, David --- What about the war years now, the outbreak of the war in 1914, and the position of the Federation. At first, for a short

Interview of Williams, Tom

2nd April 1982 unknown, --- Good Evening, welcome to the second in a series of ten lectures on the Struggle for Peace, Past and Present. I would like

Lecture given by Robin Page Arnot: "The Years of Ordeal: South Wales Miners 1914-1926"

22nd October 1973 Williams, Glanmor --- Well Doctor Page-Arnot and Mrs. Page-Arnot and ladies and gentlemen, I regard it as a double pleasure and a double