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1914-12-26 This they had doneand he felt certain that there

Headmastership of the New Pant School.

1914-12-26  supportedAidDan Thomas and CounDWJones spoke

The Town Hall Officials andI the Prince of Wales Fund.

1914-12-26  informedstated that he objected to be levied by the<

I MerthyrTerriterials Town Prizes

1914-12-26 John DaviesMayor10/6 eachMiAJH


1914-12-26 Grey Twill Sheet at 4,11 per pair2!, yards long

iCOESPONDENCE. I ——————————I

1914-12-26  that I have often put to myself lately is 

Waterworks Committee and Recent Grove Fire. ',

1914-12-26  waterOne was that the fire engine had to be 

[No title]

1914-12-26 By F.R.H.SI

In the Kitchen Garden.I

1914-12-26  practice they get in trenching may he a reason

Among the Flowers. -I

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