A weekly Welsh language newspaper, which was established by Samuel Roberts and circulated among the Independents of North Wales. The newspaper's main content included political & religious news & views, in which it advocated advanced liberal principles. In 1871 it merged with 'Tyst Cymreig' to form 'Tyst a'r Dydd', but only lasted one year, before reverting back to the original title. In 1954 the paper merged with 'Corwen chronicle and border advertiser', before once again reverting its title back in 1992. The paper was not published in 1891. Amongst the editors were Samuel Roberts and Richard Davies (Mynyddog, 1833-1877). Associated titles: Tyst Cymreig (1870); Tyst a'r dydd (1871); Corwen chronicle and border advertiser (1954); Y dydd a'r Corwen chronicle (1954).

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