A weekly Welsh language newspaper which was supportive of socialist politics. It was established by Ebenezer Rees (1848-1908) in Ystalyfera, as a paper to serve the industrial districts of Glamorganshire and Carmarthenshire. Ebenezer Rees was a prominent figure of the Labour movement, with the paper also being an important medium to promote the cause. The newspaper's main content included local and general news, together with advertisements. In 1908, Ebenezer Rees's sons inherited the paper, they being David James Rees and Elwyn Rees, and under their influence, they incorporated more English, rather than Welsh, into the paper. In 1915, its title became 'Labour voice', in 1927 'South Wales voice', in 1964 'South Wales and Swansea voice' and in 1965 'South Wales voice'. A notable contributor of a collection of articles and socialist letters was Robert Jones Derfel (1824-1905). Associated titles: Labour voice = Llais Llafur (1915-1927).

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